Peak Medical 2 Piece Review

As you may know by now I really like the Peak Medical ileomate appliances and as a rule they are my go too bag. When I first heard of the company nearly 3 years ago I was wearing 2 pieces due to sore skin. I have been having issues with my skin lately mainly due to my eczema and I thought giving a 2 piece a try would be worth a shot so here is the review of their fleximate.

Most people find that 2 pieces are outdated in comparison to the 1 piece. To any one who isn’t sure exactly what a 2 piece is – it is really simple the base plate and the bag itself are separate and you change the bag whilst leaving the base plate on your abdomen.

fleximate 2 piece

It is really beneficial to those who get sensitive from removing the base plate frequently as it is designed to stay in place longer. You can remove the bag 2/3 times depending on how well the base plate itself is holding out.

So the base plate for the Fleximate is very soft and it’s thicker than the 1 piece version I use. I was able to get it in convex too which meant it would help prevent leaks as my stoma is flush to my skin.

I have done a video of me changing to the fleximate and showing the click system. The click system is based on one of the Coloplast 2 piece systems; which I tried in the Ostomy Bag Roulette series when I was part of The IBD and Ostomy Support Show.

So onto to what I thought of the bags!


  • the base plate was soft and thick
  • the click system was easy to use
  • the base plate didn’t irritate my skin
  • the bag was a good size
  • allowed my skin to heal
  • it has the unique finger pocket on the spout which allows you to open the bag without getting output on your fingers


  • there is no window on the bag
  • the clips for the belt could swivel round so you can have the base plate square instead of the diamond

So overall I was quite happy with the 2 piece appliance and I would wear it in the future. I only had one leak with it and I think it wouldn’t matter what bag I was wearing because it was due to extremely thick output which lead to pancaking and pushing itself under the base plate. If you are thinking of trying a 2 piece I suggest trying this one.

2 thoughts on “Peak Medical 2 Piece Review

  1. Hi Stephie, thank you so much for reviewing our Fleximate 2 pc appliances.
    Your comments are really interesting and I hope makes others consider a 2pc especially for the reason you tried it which is to rest the skin which may be sore or inflamed. At one time 2pc was the discharge product of choice but was superseded by 1pc – however the benefits to someone struggling with their skin cannot be underestimated and we would thank you for bringing these benefits to your audience.
    Could we use your feedback on our social media?

    Thank you.

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