Marlen Ultra Max Deep Review

Whilst at ASCN I spotted the Marlen stand and wasn’t sure what they did or anything but what is the point of not going over when something wonderful could be waiting once I go to talk to them! Marlen have a range of ostomy appliances and I have been very keen to find a deep convex that I can use when my stoma retracts more and becomes sore which happens every so often. I spoke to Rik who said they have a deep convex and I filled in my details and off I went!

I have to say I was rather pleased that they sent 5 in a pack as some of the larger companies literally send 3 and although that is okay 5 gives you a much better idea of how you get along with the appliance. I have done a bag change video using them which I uploaded recently.

I am overall pretty pleased with the bag itself and would happily use it alongside my trusty Ileomate from Peak Medical like I said for the times my stoma doesn’t want to play ball. The petals on the bag are actually the best I have tried and felt soft but had enough integrity to make me feel secure. Although saying that they did pop up but surprisingly even when they wouldn’t stick down by themselves anymore the convex part of the bag stayed stuck and stayed stuck for 48 hours at least until I changed my bag which I have to say is impressive in my opinion.

The bag however didn’t do very well with having a hot bath, I’m used to being able to not need a bag change after a bath but the adhesive just seemed to completely come away, which was disappointing. Also I am no longer a fan of the velcro style flaps that come over the spout before you roll the bag up, it never used to be an issue but I guess you get used to bags having certain things and get out of the habit of using others.


  • nice bag length
  • soft material
  • convex part of the base plate held well
  • best petals I’ve tried
  • 5 sample pack
  • to peel the base plate sticker off there is a separate tab that makes it a whole lot easier and smoother to remove
  • was inconspicuous under my clothes
  • it folded sort of in half with a bit of velcro


  • material is thin and a bit noisy
  • the petals don’t stay stuck for too long
  • don’t like the spout fastening
  • the spout didn’t fold in on itself
  • the velcro you could fold the bag up onto didn’t hold it up well after a couple of days

So all in all I am happy to put the Marlen bags in rotation and use them as emergency bags which is saying something! Have you tried them before? How did you find them?

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