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So when I went in to my pre-assessment appointment on Tuesday, if I’m honest I wasn’t all to sure what I was going to have done. Especially so close to my actual surgery date which was then two days away and drinking maxijule.

Don’t get me wrong I knew it would be bloods and basic observations, but I had an ECG, weight/height, examined by a Dr, basic run down of events and being given something called maxijule which is just dried glucose syrup! I’ve got to take it twice today and again tomorrow morning. image

I just thought I would let you all know about this maxijule stuff I have to take twice tonight and once in the morning. So it was obviously just some powder you mix with water. It’s kinda weird, it doesn’t really have a taste but you can tell it’s not just water. But I don’t know if it’s psychosomatic but I felt tingly afterwards, hell I did just have 400 ml of sugar water!

I am presuming it is to make sure my body has enough calories to withstand the fasting I have to do before my surgery and in case I can’t eat in a reasonable time afterwards? I mean let’s face it I haven’t got a clue as no one really told me anything other than when to drink it! I also hate having to fast, it is like because I know I have limited food available or nil by mouth that I just become ravenous. Has anyone else found that they experience that or is just me because of having an eating disorder in my past?

Has anyone else have to drink this maxijule stuff before your surgery? Do you actually know what maxijule is for and can you let me know? Did you feel something or nothing at all?

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  1. I can’t decide whether the name makes it sound like some sort of incontinence pad or an energy drink…hope it’s not too awful to drink! Love you lots and will be thinking of you tomorrow! xx

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