Mooncup – Menstrual Cup

I have been trialling the Mooncup for three months as recommended by Mooncup themselves to fully be able to appreciate the product. Now some of this has got to be with not having to run to the shops to buy sanitary products but also the money you will save oh and the planet since you aren’t dumping more waste into landfills.

The Mooncup is made out of soft medical grade silicone which is hypoallergenic and was actually pretty simple to use and was far more comfortable than I expected. When I say comfortable I mean for the most part I actually forgot it was there which has not been the case with tampons and sanitary towels. It can be a bit daunting at first when it comes to inserting it and how often do you rinse it out. Yeah you read that right you rinse it out! This is why it is reusable and it comes with a little cotton bag to put it in when your cycle is over to aid with discretion which also means if you know your due on you can have it in your bag so you aren’t caught out and it looks inconspicuous too.

Now after having my sterilisation my cycle had been coming every three weeks, was incredibly painful and heavy; none of which are pleasant for all involved; plus scarring can affect your cycle so I am told and there is no doubt I have a chunk of that! I was getting sick of just how much money I was wasting on sanitary products that I was getting taxed on when it is a natural part of having the XX chromosome as they are deemed by some absolute idiot as being luxury items – most men I know see it as a luxury that they don’t have periods. Let alone the damage it was doing to the environment.

I was pleasantly pleased with the Mooncup and that I was able to go about my day with very little worry, I found if I didn’t want to rinse it in a public toilet I could just wait till I was somewhere more comfortable as they can stay in situ for 8 hrs. The only real issue I had was sometimes I had a tiny amount of blood when I wiped and if I’m honest I don’t think that is entirely a bad thing because it meant your vagina didn’t dry out like it could do with tampons. This image was taken from the Mooncup website directly.

The ordering was simple there are two types of Mooncup:

Size A – if you are over 30 and given birth vaginally at any age


Size B – if you are under 30 and not given birth vaginally

So I had size A as even though my children were born by C-Section I am over 30 – I don’t know what the difference in them are specifically but there must be a reason!


  • reusable
  • didn’t smell
  • didn’t dry me out
  • cost effective – after 6/8 months it will have paid for itself and then you are saving money
  • portable
  • environmentally friendly
  • comfortable
  • vegan
  • lasts years if looked after


  • slight seepage but again is it really a con?
  • can be fiddly to insert until you are used to it

So I am thankful to the ladies at Mooncup who allowed me to review this product and I can say that I will be sticking with this product in the future; so hopefully if you have been on the fence about buying one this post has swayed your decision to get one as they really are a good idea; plus you aren’t paying tax on items for something you can’t control so it is a way of flipping the bird to those bigots in power!

I received this product free of charge for review purposes and all opinions are my own.

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