Osto EZ Vent Review

At ASCN I ordered some samples of the Osto EZ Vent which is to allow easy access to release the gas build up in your ostomy appliance. I have tried both vents now so here is my review of the product! 

In each sample pack you get 2 vents and each vent will last until your next bag change so for those who change their bag once a week like myself they aren’t wasteful. They are pretty small and are made of a soft plastic which if you don’t have a thing about constantly patting your bag you wont notice it. I have insane output one minute it is really thick and risks pancaking or the next it is like water and like a freaking fountain; this means I am patting my stoma to ensure I don’t have to go make a run for a speedy change!

For me I didn’t particularly like opening the vent whilst sat down because I noticed it bubbled up a bit through the little hole – yeah you have a hole in your bag for these; but it isn’t too scary as long as you close the vent! I felt I had to really push around the vent to force the air out. Yet when I was at work and I opened the vent whilst stood up with my waistband providing the pressure it came out quite easily. 

To show how I put the vent onto my appliance I did a video (don’t forget to subscribe to my channel please!) because I found the instructions quite confusing both times I attached them. I was quite impressed that the person who helped get these vents on the drugs tariff found my video and commented via LinkedIn:

Came across this video which is a great video Stephie, and more so as I am the person responsible for this product being available on Drug Tariff in the UK which was about 6 years ago now (how time flies)! I also designed and wrote the instructions so it was good to actually watch your demo and see where improvements to the instructions for use can be made which I will get the marketing team at Respond to make some tweaks to the future instructions when re-printed. The 24 hrs before using was more about giving enough time for the vents to stick solid but I am sure many people use them immediately and have had no issues but yes I agree with your comments and this wording needs amending. Some pouches do have a double lining inside so it sometimes feels like you have not put the hole in correctly so that part of the video was interesting. We do generally see that mostly closed pouch users see the main benefit as they have no other way to release gas, so find them really useful but if you have any other suggestions then please message me and I would be pleased to see what we can do. Thanks

That shows that people do listen when they are given the chance too; it is easy for someone without a stoma to miss simple little things as they aren’t the ones living with one and can only do what they can do using the knowledge of the products or experiences we offer. So I may not get these again but I do feel that they would be useful for many people but as an accessory rather than an essential. Let’s move onto the pros and cons of the product.


  • small
  • little flaps for easy opening – which is useful for us with joint issues
  • does work even if it is a bit fiddly
  • works with all bags
  • lasts the lifetime of the appliance


  • cutting into your bag eve if it is a small hole is scary at first
  • the instructions are a bit confusing
  • can be fiddly
  • takes a bit of getting used too

Have you tried the vents? How did you find them?

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