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Have you ever heard of Peak Medical? Maybe not but their beginnings are a bit different to the other companies as they were started by a Urologist *EDIT* Peak Medical was founded by a Urology Nurse. I heard about them when I was at a stoma open day and I met Terry the company rep for my area. He was lovely and spent a good chunk of time cuddling Baby Button but who wouldn’t right?


Terry from Peak MedicalPeak Medical provide the EuroTec ostomy products which are Colomate, Ileomate and Uromate. I will be sharing some more reviews on their products in the coming weeks one of which is something I use on a regular basis!

So back to the Ileomate, Gareth who I have been talking to sent me out three sizes of apparature basically that little starting hole in the centre of your base plate, as my stoma was still trying to sort it’s little life out after having gastroenteritis. I also did a little bag change video which you can find here (also please subscribe!!)

These bags have a little something that I haven’t seen in another bag before which is a little pocket in front of the drainage spout where you can place your finger cleanly and help open the spout which is really useful if your output is of a thicker consistency.

These bags had a real thorough testing with water as I not only had a bath but I also went swimming with it on!

  • soft backing on the base plate
  • material similar to the Sensura Mio but softer
  • easy spout opening
  • dries quickly
  • held up well both in the bath and the swimming pool
  • base plate didn’t roll down where my tummy swells out like other base plates do
  • they also come in an oval yes OVAL base plate which I will be trying soon!
  • bit of a jip but I need a harder convex
  • the base plate was slightly difficult (I am a bit daft!) to cut as it is so soft
  • when you leak there is no resistance with the edges of the base plate

On a whole I liked these pouches and I look forward to trying out the oval base plate version with a belt to help create more of a suction with the convexity. I did experience a leak due to pancaking which is my own fault from the sorts of foods I ate the night before without drinking more. Have you tried any of the EuroTec range? If so what did you think?

One thought on “Product Review – Peak Medical Ileomate

  1. Hi Stephie, thank you for taking the time to review our Ileomate Soft Convex Midi pouches, we are delighted with your comments and hope that other Ostomates who are looking for an alternative product will check us out and try it, or one of the other pouch types for themselves.
    Just a little correction, in your opening comments above, Peak Medical was founded by Auriol Lawson who was a Urology Nurse Specialist and Stoma Nurse, at the Freeman Hospital in Newcastle, along with her business partner.
    Thanks Stephie.

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