Product Review: Sunshine Boxes

We have all seen the different variants of subscription boxes that are out there nowadays, but this one caught my eye on Instagram. I can’t remember which account sent me that way exactly but I started following the account and looked at the website and really like the idea and look of the Sunshine Stationery gift boxes.

 I messaged Madeline to see if we could collaborate and she seemed pretty up for it and sent me out the “sunshine box” which is also the pick me up box for those that need cheering up or their mental health is a bit sucky. She does a range of different boxes and the one that originally caught my eye was the spoonie boxes, you know because I’m a spoonie after all!

I asked the owner of the little business what made her want to start up and do the boxes : “I started just over a year ago as I loved getting treat boxes through the post and thought it was a great way to make people smile. I started just doing stationery but now include handmade items and things from other small businesses. I think that’s what makes me unique and I love collaborating with people, it’s a great way to make friends. I have M.E so am stuck at home most of the time, not being able to go out to work is one of the hardest things for me so this is my little bit of independence.”

I got my box 2 days after I got out of hospital and my mental health was being squiffy so it was perfectly timed to be honest! I have an unboxing video over on my YouTube channel which you can watch here – please bear in mind that I had just come out of hospital the day before and my face was still puffy from the fluids (I’m also pretty hopped up on pain relief) My box was the Mindfulness Sunshine Box and in it was:

  • a packet of chocolate smiles (everyone helped me eat them before I took the photo)
  • a Sunshine Stationery logo key ring
  • a crochet sun coaster
  • a pocket mirror
  • a badge
  • a teabag
  • some shower gel and lotion
  • a colouring book and pencils
  • a little sun “wish” bracelet
  • a positive card

What I like about this box is that you don’t have to rely on anybody else to enjoy the items in the box, let’s face it you don’t really want to share the chocolate do you?! The mirror was soon pinched by Baby Button as he is obsessed with mirrors and things that crinkle, Ra-Ra snaffled the key ring. But the colouring book is something I can do, the bath stuff again just me time with (preferably) no interruptions from my little cherubs. Also you can get these boxes in a mini version or a one off box too.

I would definitely recommend having a mosey on over to her website or look at her Instagram (or both!) and see for yourself what pretty little things she has for you or your loved ones.

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