Supportx: Stoma Support Belt

I really hoped I wouldn’t have to do a not so good review but I’m being honest here! However these are all my opinions and my experiences won’t be the same for everyone with regards to Supportx.

But I have found with the brand Supportx I never once felt comfortable with them. I first heard of them at the stoma open day see post here.

The Supportx represetative asked what I used already etc the things you expect them to ask, but when I mentioned I had waistbands from comfizz on order she straight away dissed them “ours are stronger and better” now I don’t see my Comfizz waistbands for hernia support although if I did I would have a higher level of support than the ones I use. I use mine for smoothing out my bag in tighter fitting clothes or trousers.

Then when another woman came to do my fitting, she was late by nearly half an hour, no apology. She again tried to make out their products were better. All I wanted was the support belt I wasn’t interested in anything else as I’m already happy with what I have.

She told me it was more than likely I wouldn’t get the belt on prescription as I had already too many products on prescription…I know fine well I had one left in the support wear. She also told me support wear and knickers aren’t separate yet the Vanilla Blush spokeswoman said they were.

She also told me that in my line of work I will probably get a hernia so I should wear the belt at all times whilst at work. I bend, twist and lift things more as a mother of a toddler than I do at work. All because I said the word autistic, yeah way to go generalising there slow clap.

Lo and behold it arrived on Thursday. I can honestly say  I think it’s shit. I was fitted for this yet it doesn’t seem to sit right, it feels bulky, I (personally) can’t wear my ostomy underwear with it. I got it so when I exercised I didn’t worry too much about hernias but I can see this going into the pile of workout stuff I will never use.

If you have had any experiences with them please let me know. I would love to hear some good ones.

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