Here is the Riksack

So I ordered the Riksack from Stomaworks here the other week and I just wanted to show you what it was. The below picture is the bag my stoma nurse gave me from Fittleworth I believe that holds all my bits and bobs for a bag change in the house.


The blue bucket type thing is the Riksack itself it’s made of silicone and can bend and fold for easy storage/travel. It is really easy to use:

  1. you attach a disposable bag to the press studs on the outside of the bucket (at a push pedal bin bags will work)
  2. you adjust the straps around your waist and clip it in place
  3. change your appliance as usual straight into the Riksack
  4. remove the Riksack and dispose of the bag as usual

That’s it! Pretty simple right?


I like the fact all my bits can fit in it quite nicely and it doesn’t take up much space. It’s also colour coordinated which amuses me, what can I say? It really is the little things that amuse me from time to time.

On a more serious note the things I like are:

  • the fact that when I have the Riksack on I don’t have to worry in case I have forgotten something and I need to dash back to a different room
  • I don’t have to worry about my stoma suddenly thinking the fresh air is a signal to start moving things along shall we say?
  • Also if I need to change and someone is in the bathroom I can change my appliance anywhere

There is literally only one thing I didn’t think it worked well for and that was if I had had a leak, whether that’s due to me being in a flap when it happens or if getting the Riksack ready takes too much time.


Overall I found it to be a really good product and I will recommend it to new ostomates, those wanting a bit extra security or even those with extra health needs that may find it takes longer to change their bag.

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