Check Your Stock…Are You Over Ordering?

And like me not actually realising it? Now I have been really good when it had come to the bags, I asked my delivery company which is Securicare awhile back to put the bags on hold. This was partly to do with pregnancy affecting my skin and how it took to the bags. But I received a phone call on Monday from Securicare as a courtesy to see if my order needed changing. Now I dropped a few things and only added one, but it made me think do I really need everything on my order? And what did I have in stock?

As it turns out NO, NO I BLOODY DIDN’T! So I took an inventory of my stoma supply stock I have in designated boxes in my bedroom. This enabled me to ring Securicare up and literally drop everything except the hydroframe tape extenders.

I will let you know what I had in stock, most have either been samples or from when I have changed delivery companies or just products I have had to swap because of pregnancy hormones. I plan to use up my surplus stock before adding more things back onto my order which I get every six weeks. I would like to think in some small way by doing this I will help save the NHS some money and it definitely would work better if other people did the same. I believe that if you have items in your stock that you can no longer use please send it to The Jacobs Well Appeal which will distribute it to those in dire need. Some people are very on top of what they have in stock and I applaud you wholeheartedly!

What I had in stock:

  • Dry Wipes – 2 open and 7 unopen
  • Wet Wipes – 3
  • Disposable Bags – 2 open and 7 unopen
  • HyperSeal Washers – 4 boxes of 20 and 9 loose
  • HydroFrame Extenders – 4 loose
  • LBF Barrier Film Wipes – 3 boxes of 30 and 19 loose
  • LBF Flushable Barrier Wipes – 5 loose
  • LBF Barrier Cream – 3 loose
  • LBF Barrier Film Foam Applicator – 1 loose
  • LBF Barrier Spray – 1 in use
  • Morform – 2 packets of 60
  • Welland La Vie -2 boxes of 10 and 4 loose
  • Dansac Novalife Light Convex – 1 box of 10 and 5 loose
  • Sensura Mio Light Convex – 6 loose
  • Ostomy Deodorant Spray – 1 in use and 1 full
  • Medical Adhesive Spray 7 full and 2 partially used
  • Brava Mouldable Rings – 2 boxes of 30 and 12 loose
  • Brava Tape Extenders – 7 loose
  • Brava Ostoseal Powder – 1 in use
  • Spray Bottle – 1
  • Trio Elisse Barrier Wipes – 7 loose
  • Trio Siltac Seals – 6 loose
  • Ostagel Skin Cleansing Wipes – 2 loose
  • NaturCare In Pouch Deodorant – 1 loose
  • Deogel Deodorising And Lubricating Gel – 1 loose
  • Lift Plus Citrus Adhesive Remover Wipes – 3 loose
  •  LaVera Barrier Cream – 14 loose
  • Appeal Medical Adhesive Remover Wipes – 1 loose
  • Welland Support Belt – 2
  • Coloplast Convex Support Belt – 2
  • Dansac Support Belt – 2

So there you go! I was actually quite appalled by how much I had seemed to over stock or just not use up before swapping to a different company. So I hope that by writing this post it may have inspired you to go through what you have, I will be restocking my go bag that I keep in the car and the bag I have at my parents; mainly with the wipes as they take up less space but I clearly have enough of them!! Also I would like to point out the blue box under the Welland bags isn’t full of stoma supplies but sewing stuff ha ha! Until we decorate our bedroom it is a dumping ground!

5 thoughts on “Check Your Stock…Are You Over Ordering?

  1. Well done, I did a similar thing recently, and I have really got my order from securicare down to just stoma bags. And urine bags . Now I need to send all the other things to a charity, because of my wound position, they were forever sending boxes of bags. I’ve also decided I’m not ordering anymore samples. I’m going to stick with the devil I know. In your defence your stock was more sundries, not many bags. If we all cut back a bit it would help. They are not free as people think. It comes out of the NHS funds,

    1. I completely agree! I did have my Dansac bags ready to go to Jacobs Well but before Christmas my bags caused me no end of issues, so they got brought out and I just used them thankfully with no issue. So they at least weren’t wasted. I feel better knowing that once I have used a lot of the items I can actually think about which ones I prefer and stick with them x

  2. Cleaned out all product not in and gave to ostomy nurse. She was thrilled as she will give to patients under or not insured.

    1. As we are given them as part of a prescription we can’t give them back to our stoma nurses. But are encouraged to send them off to Stoma Aid or Jacobs Well Appeal. Unfortunately people seem to think they have a right to sell their supplies even though they were given them for free. But I am glad your stoma nurses accept unused supplies and they can go to those that need them 🙂

  3. This is a common issue across continents. At our associated have rooms full of returned stock from members getting full allocations month on month and then changing products or getting reversed only not need them anymore. Lucky we do send them to third world countries like the Philippines and Kenya etc. that do not have good medical systems.

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