Vanilla Blush NHS Knickers

Soooo as those who have read my blog avidly know about a month ago back at the stoma open day, I ordered some vanilla blush knickers.

Well I spoke to someone at Vanilla Blush because I was wondering if they had been sent to my delivery company yet (they do like to take their time) I’m not sure who I spoke to but because I had really hoped they would have arrived by the hen do (lots of issues around going to that which thankfully I over thought) she sent me out a pack first class. Now I do have them on my prescription and they didn’t go over my “allowance”.

The knickers arrived today! Hurray! They are lovely, now someone complained in an ostomy group I am in on Facebook about them and I seriously don’t think she knows what she is talking about! I think for the fact I got them on prescription they are gorgeous! Some people are never bloody happy! I love the fact they make me feel more womanly.

This is it inside out so you can see the pouch that the ileostomy sits into. I’m so glad that there was something out there that I could wear to stop the bag from touching my skin/scratching my leg.

Here’s me (obviously) in a black pair of the knickers, posing but not quite posing! Mrs Puddleduck, Sparkle Von Purplepants and 00Steve can vouch for me on that one! Once I’m back at work I’m going to buy myself a pair of their bikini bottoms because I think it would be nice for me to have a choice of swimwear depending on what I am doing. I am also going to consider buying the intimacy underwear they have because not all sexual encounters are spontaneous and everybody wants to feel sexy.

So what are you waiting for? Head on over and get your femininity back!

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