Vanilla Blush Support Wear

So for the first time since having my ileostomy I decided to finally try the support wear range from Vanilla Blush. Don’t get me wrong I still like my Comfizz garments but I wanted to see what else is out there and my next trusted port of call was Vanilla Blush.

vanilla blush boxer

I decided to use my NHS garment prescription this year on both my usual knickers from Vanilla Blush and I thought it was only fair to try the support wear too.

I decided to try the boxers, vest and brief all in black and I tried to take each as their own product and not compare them to other similar products. They were a bit tight to put on a bit like spanx however once on it was quite comfortable to wear. I could move easily and it felt tight enough that I felt supported.

vanilla blush vest


  • the vest and boxers come up nice and high which stopped fat bulging over the top; which is always a worry for me
  • it has a thin silicone strip along the top edge to help keep it in place
  • they were comfortable to wear
  • the material was soft
vanilla blush brief


  • the boxers leg length was far too long – I am 5ft 10 and have rather long legs so I wonder what they are like on shorter people!
  • I was surprised to find that the brief and boxers didn’t have the signature pocket – there could be a reason for that though

I like the fact that there are different companies out there and we can all find something out there that will work for us. I did think that it smoothed out a bit of my silhouette; shame nothing will make my stomach look flat! However I guess wearing the support wear whilst exercising might be the actual way forward with that.

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