When To Wear – Support Wear

We all know not to do a Buffy the Vampire Slayer and go running in our heels now don’t we? So why would exercising without the correct types of support wear not just for the type of exercise but for you as an individual be any different?

But a lot of people ask me “when do you need to wear support wear?” and my answer to them simply is all the time! Then again lot of people do also think of support belts or scare wear as I have come to know it as, as being the be all and end all when it comes to options out there and that just isn’t true.

Now in this post the garments I am going to talk about will be Comfizz not because I run their blog (although seriously go check it out!) but because I seriously love their products and I feel that safe and secure in them that I won’t wear other companies support garments. However I fully believe that no matter how hard any company tries there isn’t a one perfect product for everyone like I mentioned with the bag roulette challenge. So if what works for me doesn’t for you please don’t be discouraged just keep looking! I can only talk from my point of view and what works for me.

So I think I have at least one of everything, (no I lie I don’t have a support belt) that they have at this point in time because I don’t just wear them for exercise, but for day to day wear as I am very self conscious of my lumps and bumps. Funnily enough not from my bag I’m quite proud of that now. At the time of writing they have briefs (high waist and standard), boxers, vests, belts, comfisheild (come back tomorrow to learn about that) and super soon more to come!

The first item of support I tried was the waistband and felt it helped me with wearing trousers although now I use the vest and keep my bag out over my trousers with the vest over the top, then my normal t-shirt or whatever. I find that for day to day use the waistband and the vest are perfect. The waistband is also good for intimate moments if you get what I mean *wink wink, nudge nudge* and work with the black widow set from Jasmine Stacey Collection. I also have the high waisted briefs in level 1 plus some boxers in level 1. I also have level 2 boxers I like to wear when I do running or any general exercise. Belts aren’t for me so I can’t possibly comment on them.

So the rule of thumb when it comes to the levels of support goes –

  • level 1 – light – day to day wear
  • level 2 – medium – light to moderate activities
  • level 3 – firm – more aggressive activities

Hopefully that has helped a little bit, but although I have some knowledge on their products you are always better to get in touch with them via the Comfizz website.

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