Time To Fill The Bucket Before I Kick It

So Natalie of The Spoonie Mummy has barraged me with demands and reminders (good thing I love you) to do a “bucket list” as I haven’t really thought about it before so here it goes…


  1. See the Northern Lights from any where in the world
  2. Go to Athens
  3. Go to Morocco
  4. Go to New York, Chicago and San Francisco I really wanna see the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz
  5. Go to Torronto
  6. Go to Ireland
  7. Go to Venice, Pompeii and Sorrento
  8. Go to Barcelona
  9. Go to Paris
  10. Go to Berlin


  1. Take the kids to a proper gig
  2. Take the kids camping
  3. Take the kids whale watching
  4. Take the kids on a plane
  5. Run a marathon (half would be nice)
  6. Go to the Last Night Of The Proms
  7. Ride in a hot air balloon
  8. Climb the Three Peaks
  9. Go to a drive in movie
  10. Do Total Warrior with 00Steve again since I have my bag


  1. Keep up with my blogs – Colitis To Ostomy, Securicare and Comfizz
  2. Own our home
  3. Have my own little office
  4. Be able to drive rather than get to doing my test and bottling it
  5. Have a car
  6. Have a job I enjoy fully
  7. Or work from home!
  8. Have Rachel meet my kids and 00Steve
  9. Finish writing my novel
  10. Get a new qualification

Food and Drink

  1. Eat fresh croissants in a cafe in Paris
  2. Learn how to make more polish dishes
  3. Make my own fresh pasta for 00Steve
  4. Eat proper American hot dogs!
  5. Work out the pastry secret for Scottish macaroni pies
  6. Eat tapas (taaaapppaaaaassss sorry inside joke) in Barcelona
  7. Have a Guinness in Dublin
  8. Make s’mores with the kids
  9. Have a vegetable plot
  10. Make my own cheese

So that’s all I can think of for a future bucket list as I have done a lot of things I’ve wanted to in my life such as:

  • Flown planes and gliders
  • Been to Rome twice
  • Been to London
  • Been to Edinburgh – lost count!
  • Seen my favourite bands
  • Seen an Opera
  • Seen a Musical (been twice, once with Natalie in fact)
  • Seen a Ballet
  • Seen the Royal Shakespeare Company
  • Finished Total Warrior
  • Finished a 10 mile race even though I was sick
  • Abseiled
  • Visited two Volcanoes been up Mt Etna and Mt Timanfyia (wanna see Vesuvius)
  • Watched 00Steve scuba dive with sharks
  • Snorkelled
  • Met friends from the scary internet!
  • Been to a Charity event twice

2 thoughts on “Time To Fill The Bucket Before I Kick It

  1. You’ve got some fab items on the wish list here, some of which I’d include on mine (and so happy to say I can tick off visiting Barcelona, even if it was a bus tour!) Here’s to happy years in the future where you can tick off a few more on your list! 🙂
    Caz xx

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