25 Minute Trick

25 Minute Trick

Hello everyone today I wanted to share a trick I have been using to keep me motivated to do not just to do blog stuff but housework or planning things for the family. I have been using this 25 minute trick since maybe November and I have found it really has worked wonders for me when I have been suffering with low mood and a serious lack of motivation; so it is something I feel may help other people in similar situations. Read more

Blog Tips! Stand Out From the Crowd – Stationery Jack

stationery jack - stand out from the crowd

Do you find yourself feeling uninspired when it comes to business cards or do you want something a bit different to stand out from the crowd? Well look no further than Stationery Jack! They are a small business that is there to help with all of your organisation and little add on’s that you may use for a small business but I think that this can easily be crossed over into blogging or if you run groups/social media/or work too much. I was lucky enough that I broached them about the idea for this blog post and they accepted. The items shown in this post are a mix of bought and free as they had a sale on over on Facebook and I couldn’t resist! Read more

Blog Tips! Canva Graphics

using canva for graphics - blog tips

Do you sometimes wonder how people that have blogs do their graphics? Or do you love people’s social media images? Some people are granted much more creative or have more patience; I on the other hand have neither of those things but I find Canva can be quite forgiving in that respect with preset templates that you can customise to just how you want it! Read more