Halloween Simpson Style

Halloween Simpson Style

So this post is late up because we have just got the kids in bed from being at a Halloween party organised last minute by one of Ra-Ra’s school friends mum’s. We have had a pretty full on couple of days with regards to parties and getting things ready that she didn’t get chance to go Trick or Treating! So what on earth have we been up too?

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Chickpea Stew

Chickpea Stew - Meatless Monday

This weeks meatless Monday is one of my favourite comfort food’s when the weather gets cooler. This chickpea recipe is something I have been eating since just after Ra-Ra was born and I needed something quick and easy but substantial too. You can add chorizo and/or spring greens if you like or can tolerate but I have found it is perfectly fine without! It has little fat content before toppings so is good for a filling meal when you maybe watching your weight. This can be vegan, vegetarian, gluten free or with meat but all which ways it really is a delightful party in your mush! Read more

Dracula my Local “Legend”

My Local Legend Dracula

So everyone will have heard of Dracula right? Whether it is from the many many films out there or from reading books. I am incredibly lucky to live in such a history rich area of the United Kingdom – North Yorkshire; this is not just where Captain James Cook grew up (his family home is actually down the street from me, or should I say was as it was moved brick by brick to Melbourne in Australia) but where Dracula is said to have shipwrecked on the cliffs in Whitby in Bram Stoker’s book Dracula. I have spent many days in Whitby as it is barely half an hour drive from me (we live in the moors so things relatively close still take some driving too) and also happens to be where I fell in love with 00Steve (on the miniature model of Captain Cook’s Endeavour – who knew we would end up living in the same village he did?) There are plenty of ghost stories in Whitby but I prefer the story of Dracula! Read more

Overnight Oats

Overnight Oats Meatless Mondays

I am addicted to overnight oats and the sheer amount of different variants you can do with them! They were a staple when I was losing weight a few years ago for my breakfast before I went running and now I take them to work with me when I am on early shift. They take minimal preparation and then you just put them in the fridge overnight – what is even better is you can make them up in advance for a few days worth of breakfasts!

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Autumn Crafts for Kids

Autumn Crafts for Kids

Autumn is a pretty perfect time for doing crafts as nature offers up plenty of items instead of going out and buying stuff which can be stupidly expensive just for it to be forgotten about or wrecked at a later date. There is something for everyone too! Whether you are super crafty and imaginative or can just about use a glue stick (more often than not that is the limit of my craftiness) there is something suitable for everyone! Read more

What’s on my Reading List?

What's on my Reading List?

If you know me personally then you will know I love love love to read! It pains me every so often I need to take books to the charity shops so I can buy more books, but I believe books need to be loved and shared with others. In fact once upon a time I had a bookshelf filled with just Terry Pratchett’s novels from the children’s series’ to the Discworld novels (my entire being cried when he passed) but when we moved 00Steve made me a bookshelf in our bedroom and now they are mixed with other books – some vertical and some horizontal and most definitely NOT in order. Part of me likes it like that visually but the rest of me is like “What have you done man?” So what have I got on my list to escape into? To become so encompassed that a part of me feels lost when the book is finished (due to this feeling I haven’t and won’t finish the Deathly Hallows) I often don’t like reading series of books due to feeling part of the story and when it is finished I get left with this empty morning type of feeling. Do you ever experience it?

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A Letter to my Grandad

A Letter to My Grandad - Blogtober

My Grandad was one of the main influences in my life growing up, he had achieved so much in his life but his family was always highest in his priorities. We lost him when I was 17 to pancreatic cancer which despite numerous scans and tests was found too late, sadly the same year we lost my Great Grandad too which was his father in law, another of the main influences in my life. If I lost my Dad in the same year I don’t know what I would have done.  Read more