Operation Live – Bowel Surgery

Operation Live - Bowel Surgery

Now it should be pretty obvious to any newcomer that I have had bowel surgery but not once but twice. I don’t actually watch much TV unless it is crime drama or true crime (Making a Murderer anyone?) I saw a lot of people talk about Operation Live and it being about bowel surgery. So the next day I went hunting on catch up for it as I was intrigued – especially since I have had my bowel operated on; although I firstly had a pan procolectomy to remove my large bowel and have a Jpouch formed out of my small bowel, then 8 years later I have the Jpouch removed and a permanent ileostomy formed. So as I watched it as any old school swot would do I wrote notes! This post is essentially those annotations fleshed out (I know I am hanging my head in shame too) to make a bit more sense of my reactions and thoughts. Read more