Does Being Sick as a Child Affect you as an Adult

Has being sick as a child affected you as an adult

I was having a conversation with Rachel the other day about being chronically ill from a young age and how it affects you as an adult. Most people may not realise that it can severely affect your personality and how you act around others but it really does. As well as my own experiences I have asked 3 other bloggers from different backgrounds what it has been like for them growing up chronically sick and how it has affected them as an adult.  Read more

Before Diagnosis

Before Diagnosis

So as I write this it is actually day three of Crohn’s and Colitis awareness week but I have back dated it to show it was published on the first of December; there is a good reason for this and it is because writing about my pre diagnosis is hard. Hard for two reasons :

  1. I have blocked a hell of my preteen and teen years out
  2. I get anxiety attacks when I think back to it

They are the reasons behind why I haven’t really got anything on my blog about before my surgeries so I am using the fact it is an awareness week to do a blog post a day (even though two will be backdated) about what it was like for me living with Ulcerative Colitis. Read more