It Can’t Always Be Scar Tissue

It can't always be scar tissue

How often do you hear from doctors or the like that the pain you are experiencing is probably adhesion’s/scar tissue? There is a high chance that a lot of pain we experience is from scar tissue but I have grown accustomed to that pain and definitely can tell when something else is afoot for instance when I get pain high up and my output slows down when there has been no change to my diet! This happened last week which you may have seen on my social media I went to hospital for; well this post is all about that admission. Read more

Being an Inpatient and being a Parent

being an inpatient and being a parent

Now my Little Lady doesn’t find it anything new, mummy going to see doctors and even being an inpatient in hospital. Even though she is definitely not a fan of me going in it has some perks for her – I always get her some crap from the hospital shop and she gets to “look after daddy” by staying in my bed. But she was nearly 2 by the time I started being admitted regularly so she had a bit of understanding, whereas Button doesn’t have any; he cries when he hears my voice on the phone and doesn’t understand why he can see me when I video call but I’m not actually there. This is the longest I have ever been away from him or them both together. Read more

Being Admitted and Mental Health – Time to Talk Tuesdays

hospital admissions and mental health

I find that when I am admitted into hospital I am fine mentally for 4 days or so then the paranoia sets in. I feel like staff are against me, the fact I’m mobile and independent makes people think I’m not sick, the fact I can tolerate pain well means when I say I have a pain score of 6 I get looks of really?? However this is something I am aware of and I can admit too whereas some may not want too. Read more

To Be Admitted Or Not to Be

To be admitted or not to be

Now this is a story all about how my my day got flipped turned upside down and I’d like to take a minute, just sit right there. I’ll tell you how I got wrapped up in despair. I was admitted to hospital last week and for me it was a pretty scary experience. Read more