What’s on my Reading List?

What's on my Reading List?

If you know me personally then you will know I love love love to read! It pains me every so often I need to take books to the charity shops so I can buy more books, but I believe books need to be loved and shared with others. In fact once upon a time I had a bookshelf filled with just Terry Pratchett’s novels from the children’s series’ to the Discworld novels (my entire being cried when he passed) but when we moved 00Steve made me a bookshelf in our bedroom and now they are mixed with other books – some vertical and some horizontal and most definitely NOT in order. Part of me likes it like that visually but the rest of me is like “What have you done man?” So what have I got on my list to escape into? To become so encompassed that a part of me feels lost when the book is finished (due to this feeling I haven’t and won’t finish the Deathly Hallows) I often don’t like reading series of books due to feeling part of the story and when it is finished I get left with this empty morning type of feeling. Do you ever experience it?

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