Dracula my Local “Legend”

My Local Legend Dracula

So everyone will have heard of Dracula right? Whether it is from the many many films out there or from reading books. I am incredibly lucky to live in such a history rich area of the United Kingdom – North Yorkshire; this is not just where Captain James Cook grew up (his family home is actually down the street from me, or should I say was as it was moved brick by brick to Melbourne in Australia) but where Dracula is said to have shipwrecked on the cliffs in Whitby in Bram Stoker’s book Dracula. I have spent many days in Whitby as it is barely half an hour drive from me (we live in the moors so things relatively close still take some driving too) and also happens to be where I fell in love with 00Steve (on the miniature model of Captain Cook’s Endeavour – who knew we would end up living in the same village he did?) There are plenty of ghost stories in Whitby but I prefer the story of Dracula! Read more