#ostoMYlove Micro Actions Week Two

Hello and welcome to week two of our #ostoMYlove micro action group challenge! I hope you enjoyed taking part in week one of our self love June. I know we had a couple of Aussie ostomy bloggers join in Laura and Erin which is fantastic! I know myself and the rest of the Show Girls have loved seeing your posts, if you would like to know what last weeks actions were please click here.

my #ostoMYlove action

So! Would you like to know what the 8th till the 14th holds in store micro action wise? Of course you do!!

Natalie our Spoonie Mummy has chosen for Thursday 8th June a food action:

enjoy good mood food – What do you really enjoy eating? What puts a smile on your face once you have eaten something? Whether it’s unhealthy (heck you are allowed a treat) or a healthier version of it or just something you don’t eat often have it! Go to a restaurant you like or sit in the garden and happily munch away with friends and family or just by yourself. Just savour the moment with your food.

Rachel our “double bagger” has chosen for Friday 9th June a love action:

take quality time – This often is easier said than done! You need to make time for you be it reading a chapter of a book, having a cuppa whilst it is still hot, listening to music you love, watching a film, a bubble bath literally anything that you can do just for you.

Louise our mover and shaker (had chosen another move but I slapped her hand don’t worry peeps lol) has chosen for Saturday 10th June a mind action:

dress to impress – Whether it is for yourself or someone else making even a small effort can give you a confidence boost. Sometimes just brushing our hair can seem like an effort, but doing your hair, wearing makeup or just putting on something nicer than your lay about clothes can just make you feel better about yourself.

Natalie chose for Sunday 11th June a mind action:

a quick fix – Plan to do one thing today for example put a load of washing on, tidy up the paperwork, washing the pots. Even if it’s the only thing you manage you will have knocked one thing from your to do list.

I chose for Monday 12th June a food action:

guilty habit – As ostomates we can be worried about what we are eating (whether something will give us a blockage or cause a flare) This often ends up in us eating less than healthy options and with that weight gain is inevitable. But by portioning the less healthy habits and increasing better ones that suit your diet can help.

Rachel chose for Tuesday 15th June a move action:

an activity that brings joy – This is different for all of us so whether it’s walking, zumba, spin class, swimming, running go and do an activity that you enjoy. Take the kids or your friends/family if you want and just go do something that makes you happy.

I have chosen for Wednesday 14th June a love action:

a strength of yours – Self love and appreciation can be hard to do sometimes but everyone has at least one thing they are good at. Whether it is you are dependable, give good hugs, can cook – just think about what your strengths are and appreciate yourself more.

We all hope that you will carry on with u s till the end of June and hopefully realise that it is okay to take some time out for yourself because yes it’s a cheesy catchphrase/cliche but you’re worth it.

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