Bag Roulette What Have I Learnt?

So this is the end of The IBD and Ostomy Support Show’s okay lets face it Louise’s crazy idea of bag roulette. I just thought I would take the time to think about what I have learnt overall from this little for me “experiment” on the pouches other than Louise is a loveable mad scientist?

So firstly ALL companies either need to start sending convex bags (pouches) out with a belt (or provide the option for a belt) or simply all providers make the bags with the same belt attachment. Now I know I received the Pelican bags through the post from Louise not from the company itself but I definitely felt a belt would have been handy. So in future if I was to order their bags to try again I would maybe pop in the comments box could they also send a belt.

Also the fact that my stoma’s size keeps fluctuating due to my stomach trying to work out what it was like before baby Button, didn’t help with sore skin. Let alone to try and make it fair as the other girls change their bags more often than I do my poor skin suffered from pulling the appliance off and yes I was using adhesive remover!

I have discovered I quite like the Click two piece by Coloplast. The Flex I just don’t have the co-ordination to do it properly but I can see how it would be preferred by other people. I found with the two piece a deep convex is probably needed and have requested samples with the deep convex to try. In fact as I type I have on the Dansac Novalife deep convex two piece that I ordered at the Purple Wings Charity exhibition which is very interesting! So a video may go up but not necessarily a review as such.

I’ve learn’t that the pouches with petals aren’t to be scared of but they can lift up still which for me isn’t ideal as you can guarantee with my high output it would leak if it did it when I wasn’t wholly aware! Also don’t be put off pouches after trying one lot of samples, if you on the whole liked the pouch ring the company and try another lot. Like all things that are manufactured sometimes they aren’t 100% like the large Salts pouches I must have got a duff batch but the smaller versions were fine.

There isn’t just one pouch that fits all, as my Nanna (the speaker of truth and wisdom in my life) says “It would be boring if everyone was the same” and “variety is the spice of life”. We are just as individual as the pouches each company provides, hence flat vs convex with different convexities, large, medium and small sized pouches, different backings dependant on allergies. It is impressive the sheer amount of variety that is out there, so if you haven’t found your “perfect fit” then please keep looking. Your pouch maybe for life but there is no reason in reality IT should make you miserable and sore, everything else is just a case of adjustment.

Hopefully in time if you haven’t already found the pouch for you, you will soon – it’s like a haircut you don’t always find a style that’s YOU straight away and you are always allowed to change things up a bit.

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