Coloplast SenSura Mio Two Piece

As you may remember I ordered two different Coloplast SenSura Mio two piece appliances when we started the bag roulette trial and review. Well there must have been some mix up because I had to get in touch with them on Thursday 6th to see what was what. They were very helpful and I was asked some questions on why I wanted a two piece etc. Then they were to arrive the Monday after. *naked stoma in post*

But I suffered another glitch with the waiting game, the appliance did arrive but they were flat not convex! As I hadn’t tried them before I honestly just thought maybe that’s how they look and stuck one on. Then soon realised nope no it wasn’t – I tweeted Coloplast who messaged me back first thing Tuesday morning to apologise and sort it out. In fact the lady that made the mistake even took time out to email me to apologise and let me know the convex were out and to be with me shortly – the next day even. Now that’s what I call customer service!

I decided to keep the flat click appliance on anyway to try and save my skin from the constant removing of the adhesive, rookie mistake I soon realised I definitely can’t use flat bags. I also checked my stoma size because half the reason I think I had issues with the Salts bags was down to me not cutting the right size – lo and behold I had been doing about 23 mm but my stoma has shrunk to just to say 19 mm which is way below what it was before pregnancy by like 9 mm which is insane as it only stretched to 30 mm when my bump was at it’s biggest!

I decided to review these in place of my usual one piece version during my bag week. They are the Click which is a mechanism that you push onto the base plate and rotate a little clasp until it literally clicks into place and the Flex which is an adhesive that sticks to the base plate to keep the pouch in place. Due to the fact you can change the bag and leave the base plate on for longer I haven’t done it in days like I did with the other bags.

coloplast sensura mio click

So let’s start with the Coloplast SenSura Mio Click – I thought this seemed quite confusing at first but once I was able to actually put the bag onto the base plate everything was quite simple. I recorded me putting it on which you can find on my Facebook page or my YouTube channel. I had a bath and the base plate held superb I was really impressed.

Pros –

  • the click feels secure
  • the base plate stuck well
  • the adhesive didn’t go gooey when I had a bath (I was in over 2 hours yep I am one of those that tops up my bath)
  • it made a sound when the clasp was closed correctly which was reassuring

Cons –

  • I felt the filter let out too much smell the first time round – I had to pop on a filter sticker
  • can be fiddly putting the bag onto the base plate until you have practice

coloplast sensura mio flex

Now what about the Coloplast SenSura Mio Flex? Well the Flex you have to try and match up the two parts and I didn’t particularly like that. I have no hand eye coordination!! I wore this on my Spoonie Night Out and when I woke up properly an hour after emptying it, it had burst the base plate and leaked. Now I think that was down to pancaking but still it wasn’t fun so I had to swap back to my fail safe Dansac. When I tried it again for the video (which you can again find on my Facebook and YouTube channel) I was able to line it up far easier which was quite simple.

Pros –

  • filter didn’t let out the smell as quickly

Cons –

  • it is hard to line up the bag and the base plate when it is on your body
  • due to the above con it made it easier for my output to leak
  • when the filters start to let smell out I thought I had leaked it was so strong!

Overall with the two piece bags I think that the click was my favourite, I liked the fact Coloplast took time out to comment on my video talking about applying the Click. The Flex I think when applying the whole appliance after a full change would be better if you stuck the bag to the base plate before it goes on your body!

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