OstoMyFit Dance My Feel Good Exercise

I love to dance! I have no coordination, rhythm and look like Bambi trying to walk but I LOVE to dance. There is something freeing about just getting lost in the music and letting your body just move.

I also really enjoy choreography even though I am atrocious at it! So things like Zumba and Dance Central have always been a huge hit with me. Before I got married I lost a stone in weight from going to a weekly Zumba class and fully letting go no matter how special I looked, heck we were even in a “music video” in fact feel free to watch Pause- The Farm and see if you can spot me!

What I like about the dance games you can play on the various consoles is that for starters you can close your curtains! Nobody needs to see how uncoordinated I am or my attempt at being sexy! I am only in “competition” with myself – we know these games work on a points system and even though I’m far better at this than the old school dance mats and machines I still suck.

They may not be songs that I would listen too out of choice but they are definitely songs that I can get work up a sweat too and laugh at myself which as long as you can do that anything is fun! I even sent the girls a video of my horrendous attempt at following along with the moves as I haven’t done it in that long. But I really enjoyed it and felt sufficiently knackered after 20 minutes so that is a good enough starting point to improve on. It always used to benefit my running with the extra cardio but not quite the same as I guess it’s a type of cross training.

Do you enjoy dancing? What type of dancing do you like to do (or wish you could do?) If I could do any type of dancing it would be Latin and ballroom, my brother and I were taught how to waltz and do the fox trot by my grandad and we used to dance around my grandparents coffee table not that my little big brother (he is 6ft 4″ or something) likes to admit it.

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