Appliance and Delivery Companies: What’s the Difference?

So the world of ordering samples isn’t as clean cut as this company does this and you order by this, this or this. So many of the bag companies are owned or affiliated with a delivery company who is under an umbrella of another! Yes utterly confusing right! I’m hoping that by the end of this post we will have an idea of what is what, or who is who!

So in “making ostomies cool” I asked the ostomates in the United Kingdom what delivery companies they used and that is going to be my starting point! Here are the results –

Some of these I had never even heard of before so I decided to go on the hunt for more information! So the ones I could find websites for I have linked above.

Brands linked to a delivery company (from what I can gather) are:

  • Coloplast – Charter
  • Clinimed – Securicare
  • Salts – Medilink
  • Pelican – Respond
  • Oakmed – Oakmed Gold

Delivery companies for all brands are (ie not linked):

  • Brunlea
  • Fittleworth
  • Bullen
  • Amcare Group

I think the most confusing of all the companies is the AmCare Group! They compromise of 5 different companies! All companies deliver all products they may just take longer as they have to be ordered in. However there are more companies than those mentioned above and nicely the Colostomy Association nicely list all of them and you can download or print a handy fact sheet too!

Then you have the appliance brands themselves! Which I again asked people in making ostomies cool who they use:

Then there are the accessory only companies such as:

I have used Fittleworth they were the company my hospital set me up with, Charter have amazing customer service and I now use SecuriCare for my stoma product deliveries and I prefer them as they are a good all round company; I love that they remember to ring me every month to check what I need and that my delivery is set for every 6 weeks – that is my personal preference! I have heard good things about Bullen but I am happy where I am.

I have used Coloplast, Dansac and Welland that are separate to the bag roulette challenge obviously! I don’t particularly dislike any bag either they ALL have good and bad points it is just how it fits to your individual needs. But keep tuned as I finish off July with the other bags in the roulette!

Are there any companies I have missed out? What are your findings with different companies and brands?

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