It Will Be Alright On The Night!

Our first show went live last night which you can watch *here* I personally found it better to watch via my phone than streaming it to the TV. Which you can see here! We decided to give our own feedback on our first show so you can get a glimpse of some behind the scene action!

I have seen more positive feedback than negative which is fantastic! The ones who veered on the negative side basically seemed to think we are broadcast professionals not just ostomy bloggers! We all joined together for our video call over the width and breadth of the UK in the comfort of our own homes. Knowing that no matter how many practice runs we could have had teething problems were bound to happen. Yet we hoped they wouldn’t! So things like microphones playing up, cameras having minds of their own and a macbook dying were all unforeseeable so we do apologise but you gotta laugh!

Three of us have young children and children have minds of their own, mine does and I definitely did as a child. The children you can hear at the beginning actually were out on the street the noisy little buggers!! But even if they were ours it kinda seems reminiscent of the video that did the rounds recently of the newscaster doing a live piece and his kids wander in.

We all use whatever devices we have be it phone, tablet or laptop but as the show grows I am sure we will find a strong medium or have similar if not the same equipment. For me personally it doesn’t matter what we used as basically you watched four women who have become friends sharing a video call. However we will be looking into using the same or similar equipment in the future, which should make things run smoothly.

We appreciate your support as we learn and grow on this completely new platform because let’s face it live video is definitely out of our comfort zones of a keyboard and our thoughts. But you need to have a few hiccups to move forward and improve. So as I watched it back with 00Steve on the TV we made notes; him as a viewer and me being an over critical dafty! I felt that self evaluation is far better than solely listening to feedback whether its good or bad. I guess it’s like tasting your food as you go along and adjusting your seasonings.

Heck my Dad can be my biggest critic because we have a lot of similar personality traits, and he said I was stilted at the beginning before regaining my composure later on, I guess I was uncomfortable and awkward (so Dad you may not be right often he he but this time I will give you that!) I feel this may be because I wrote notes and had to think about what I was saying whereas if I just read a proper written introduction or winged it I might have been more myself. But it was nice our parents watched and all gave us positive feedback even if we were all really nervous!

We definitely don’t want to sound scripted or forced because well none of it is! We have some set topics that we know about in advance so we can have an idea of what we want to say. However as you will have noticed if you have watched the recording or indeed if you watched it live you will see new topics that just organically occurred. Considering we had an hour I feel we achieved this without sounding rushed or like we were clock watching.
Even though all information was relative, tangents will and do occur, on TV and in real life. We feel that our points or topics can be followed fairly consistently and that they don’t get lost or can be reigned back in fairly easily. This may not have been the case if we chose a different platform.

As none of us are Doctors or the like trying to explain medical terms would have been futile especially within the hour, besides there is always google if you were really interested. For me especially regarding feed lines I was 14 and was so doped up on pred and other drugs I couldn’t tell you what day of the week it was. Also as the needle aspect of spinal blocks etc give me mild panic attacks (i’m covered in tattoos so its odd I have an issue with needles or so people tell me) I still don’t feel like knowing what each needle that has gone into my back over the years is by name.

But overall I know we all feel incredibly proud of what we have achieved in such a short space of time from the idea being thought up and our first live show. This is essentially a new frontier for everyone involved. We are essentially the loose women of ostomies and we will not be deterred by some minor setbacks. If nothing else our varied diseases have made us more resilient over the years and continue to strive to raise awareness where we can.

We will be live again next Thursday and every Thursday after that at 8pm, catch up will be available shortly after 9pm for those who can’t make it live. Thank you again to everyone who watched the first show and supports us in this endeavour.

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