Let Me Proudly Introduce – The IBD and Ostomy Support Show

Well then this is a rather exciting topic for me to be talking about! Myself and three for now other women (one sneaky one is hiding in the wings but for now will remain a surprise) will be taking to your screens once a week to talk about life with IBD and ostomies! In our very own SHOW! So even if you don’t have IBD but you have a stoma you are still included! 

The Ladies

IBD and Ostomy Support Show

This was the brainchild of Louise @crohnsfighting after a couple too many vodkas and late nights! She has become one of my closest friends and I have to admit I was truly grateful to be asked to join in. Don’t get me wrong I would have been heartbroken if she didn’t ask!! She has Crohns and is on her second ileostomy. She had one woman in mind already to join our panel and I offered up two other ladies.

This leads us into Rachel @rocking2stomas who I fully agreed with. Rachel has both an ileostomy and a urostomy so is totally repping the urostomates out there!! Rachel doesn’t have IBD but has enough knowledge about stomas and other conditions that it really doesn’t matter that she doesn’t. plus she has a medical background.

Next we have Natalie @thespooniemummy she also has Crohns but has had arthritis since 15months old and Iritis since the age of 7. She has a loop ileostomy and has the option of a reversal if she so wished. I adore Nat but I didn’t have the confidence to say hi at the Purple Wings Ball last year which was silly because she is a doll and is always there for me with kind words.

Obviously we have my mush which you should be pretty well versed with my story by now but if you are new (Hiiiii!!!) I’ve had Ulcerative Colitis since I was a preteen and had a jpouch when I was 21 no stoma just the pouch (I don’t recommend that in hindsight) and at 29 had my ileostomy formed.

We all have blogs on various social medias which you are fully free to follow and interact with us on for example twitter. We hope that this will be an interactive show as well as an informative one, so feel free to ask questions and leave comments because they may end up being a topic for discussion in a later show! Also any constructive feedback to help us improve as the show is only new and we would like to be well lets face it awesome.

It will be every Thursday at 8pm you can watch it on Facebook and YouTube. It will be recorded so if you miss an episode worry not!! You can catch up!


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4 thoughts on “Let Me Proudly Introduce – The IBD and Ostomy Support Show

  1. I don’t know what IBD is or ostomy but I am familiar with Crohns. My step-dad has that. I hope your show does a lot of good and gets more awareness out there so that people can learn more about these conditions. It’s always important to learn what we can because we never know when we might need that knowledge:) #oldschoolposts

    1. Crohns is IBD it’s a form of inflammatory bowel disease. An Ostomy is where your intestine comes out of your stomach and you bypass your butt! Thanks

  2. Hi Stephie

    I watch it every week (usually recorded) and love the laughs I get at the similar things which I’ve went through and also at the information I get. For me it’s support knowing there are all you who know how it feels to have Crohn’s or colitis. It’s been one of my support mechanisms since I started watching it at episode 3.

    Thank you

    Take care


    1. Thank you Elaine! We are all so glad that we can be supportive to people like yourselves and make you laugh as well cx

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