#ostoMYlove June Week Three Micro Actions Challenge

We are now into week three of our June micro action challenge; so in our camp since the start we have had babies born (my baby Button is now a baby Jacob) sickness with Louise, a hospital admission from Rachel and Natalie is holding the fort with The IBD and Ostomy Support Show Facebook page! But we are all trying to make sure we get our actions done when we can; but such as life things can be a bit of a challenge.

June challenge

Louise from CrohnsFighting has chosen a mind action for Thursday 15th June:

memory filled song –  Music for many people can evoke memories of things they might have forgotten about. So put on an album, artist or a song that makes you feel happy and see what (hopefully) happy memories it brings, heck you could also have a little boogie at the same time

Natalie from The Spoonie Mummy has chosen a food action for Friday 16th June:

practise mindful eating – This can be a big thing for ostomates what with certain foods causing blockages or irritants, but being aware of what you eat can help eliminate at least one pesky food and making your mealtimes more enjoyable. So whether you use a food diary or sit and savour your food slowly you may end up with a benefit!

I chose a move action for Saturday 17th June:

two minute workout; step it up – Do you remember the old 90’s exercise videos? Mr Motivator and the like? Well let’s take a leaf from their books and go to your stairs or a step and just step up and down. If you wanted you could move your arms at the same time. It doesn’t have to be anything manic but a steady away two minutes is better than nothing at all.

Rachel from Rocking2Stomas has chosen a food action for Sunday 18th June:

one easy swap – We all have some less than healthy staples in our diets and whilst in moderation there isn’t anything wrong with that we could all make one swap to make our diets a wee bit healthier. For example swapping out normal crisps for the vegetable ones or picking a packet that has been baked or air popped. Even changing one of your whipped cream topped hot chocolate fixes for a smoothie.

Natalie chose a mind action for Monday 19th June:

turn it off – In a world where most of our interactions are done online or over the phone, disabling the notifications or turning off the device for even just an hour (an hour can seem a long time in a technological world) can help your brain switch off or just give you a break for yourself.

Louise picked a love action for Tuesday 20th June:

shake it off – We all often have predetermined thoughts on doing something new like “I won’t be good at that” or “that won’t work” but by writing down or thinking about something you want to do but including the negative and figuratively (or literally if you want) to shake off that negativity and look at the idea in a positive light.

I picked a food action for Wednesday 21st June:

cook don’t chuck – Do you have some veg in the fridge or cupboard that is still edible but doesn’t look that amazing? Well why not roast it and whiz it up to make a sauce for pasta or put it in a soup. It’s cost effective and could inspire a whole new meal.

To look at what we did for week one and week two please follow the links it isn’t too late if you want to join in with any of them. If you are taking part are you enjoying the mini challenge?

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