#ostoMYlove Week One Micro Actions

So between the four currently active ladies over at The IBD and Ostomy Support Show have picked the micro actions for June 1st till June 7th. Then on the 7th we will post the second weeks micro actions and then so forth. So here is a quick recap you do the action for the day specified and if you can snap a quick pic and post it to any of the social medias you may use or even just the support shows Facebook page using the hashtag #ostoMYlove feel free to tag us all in the photos too if you wish as we would love to see what you all chose to do. Remember there is no right or wrong choice of photo! We will be adding our own photos to social media to inspire those that are a bit stuck.

So let’s start with a move action! Courtesy of Louise over at Crohns Fighting for Thursday 1st June:

move together –  Making a sort of date with a friend to go and exercise together or just go for a walk means you are more likely to stick with it and it will keep you motivated. It also is a nice way to catch up with someone too.

Next up is Natalie over at The Spoonie Mummy who chose a food action for Friday 2nd June:

jazz up your breakfast – Not every ostomate can eat fruit or whole grains for breakfast, but it doesn’t mean you can’t do something a little different for as they say the most important meal of the day! If you can tolerate avocado mash it up and put it on toast, hot sauce on eggs, having fruit you can eat with your cereal or even whizzed up in a smoothie the possibilities are endless.

Rachel over at Rocking2Stomas chose a mind action for Saturday 3rd June:

take a moment – Sometimes when we are swamped with pain, appointments, work etc we forget to just see the world around us. Taking a moment or two to appreciate a sunset (or sunrise) your children playing, listening to the birds, the raindrops on your window can all bring calm to our busy lives.

I chose a love action for Sunday 4th June:

thank a person who supports you – Being sick can affect those around you too, make them a cup of tea, lunch, write a letter or give them a hug to show you appreciate them being there for you.

Natalie chose a mind action for Monday 5th June:

clear out your underwear drawer – Depending on the reason for our stoma’s we may have held on to “old faithful’s” or less than glamorous underwear, these might as well be shot in the bin or in the to go pile whilst you are buying new underwear responsibly rather than having a blow out on new underwear unless you can afford too. But some underwear may just not sit right with our stoma site or the type of bag we use and replacing these with ones that do will make you feel more confident.

Rachel chose another mind action for Tuesday 6th June:

try a new thing – Trying new things helps keep our minds stimulated but not just that we can suddenly find a new hobby or activity we like or a new food type. So why not mix it up a bit and it will give you something new to talk about with someone too.

Louise chose another move action for Wednesday 7th June:

find a new place – Whilst out walking be it to the shops or somewhere different why not take a different route? Instead of going left and you can go right take the right and see where you end up. It could be eye opening or a dead end but who knows until you try. We do however suggest you either go with someone or make sure you are contactable for safety.

I will just take the chance now to point out that my caesarean is on Monday the 5th so I will do my best to do my actions for Monday through to Wednesday whilst I am not in hospital so I can post accordingly. This obviously isn’t ideal but hey ho! So if you know you will be so unbelievably jam packed that doing one of these actions maybe harder than usual it is okay to do two actions so you have one ready for the day you will miss, just don’t do the whole week in one go or you may lose the effect this is supposed to give. I can hold my hands up and say this is when I fall behind in photo challenges and feel too overwhelmed to catch up. Not all actions in this months micro action challenge will be appropriate for a photo, so you can always do a textgram saying what you have done if you fancy! FYI a textgram is just an image with writing on it, you can download an app or just write it in a message and screenshot it!

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