#ostoMylove Week Four Micro Action List

As we now come to the end of our June micro action self love challenge we will add on the extra couple of days to finish the month. We all really hope that you have been enjoying the challenge and have benefited from having a little bit of you time.  It is really important that you do take time for yourself as it really does help keep to your mental health….well healthy!

If you follow my Facebook page or Twitter I do apologise that I haven’t kept up with sharing my posts for the micro actions but I have been posting them on my Instagram; life with a newborn and a toddler after major surgery has been quite demanding!

Natalie who blogs over at The Spoonie Mummy chose a move action for Thursday 22nd June:

take a walk – After surgery they suggest walking to help slowly and safely increase your fitness. Going for a walk really is a breath of fresh air, it can be somewhere new or round the block, by yourself or with others. You can start by going for a 15 minute walk with the aim of increasing it to 30 minutes or a long walk and increasing it to a hike depending where you are with your fitness.

Rachel who blogs over at Rocking 2 Stomas chose a mind action for Friday 23rd June:

the two minute rule – This is basically if it will take you two minutes or less to do something just do it rather than putting it off. Like picking up the kids toys, pop dirty pots in the dishwasher. We all have one thing that would take us next to no time at all but has a big impact.

Louise who blogs over at Crohns Fighting chose a love action for Saturday 24th June:

be grateful – Life is a journey and health can be a slow progression sometimes, but trying to find at least one thing you can be grateful for can make the rest of the day a bit more positive.

I picked a food action for Sunday 25th June:

love your freezer – We all have days where we feel like we can take on the world or others where the ground might as well swallow us up when it comes to energy. But on the days where the dreaded fatigue hasn’t hit have a think about meals you can make in bulk and freeze such as sauces, soup or lasagne. This means on the days you aren’t feeling like cooking you can just get something out to defrost on a morning and have a meal ready for later on that is going to give you nutrients and be more cost effective than a takeaway.

Louise picked a move action for Monday 26th June:

a song to dance too – most of us enjoy a good dance even if we are by ourselves and the curtains are shut! But dancing is a great way of getting your blood pumping without being too extreme. So pop on some music and shake what your mother gave you!

Rachel picked a love action for Tuesday 27th June:

compliment a stranger– Yeah this may seem weird but has someone ever complimented you on your hair, your outfit etc in the street? Did it put a smile on your face? It probably did, we are often told “but you don’t look sick” and inside we are literally crying but we don’t show it. You aren’t always going to know what is happening behind closed doors with someone and your little compliment could just make someone’s whole day brighter.

Natalie picked a food action for Wednesday 28th June:

hydrate – As ostomates keeping hydrated is even more important than it may have ever been. But grabbing a glass/bottle of plain water may not be doing us the world of good, adding some fruit or herbs to a pitcher of water and “muddling” it around aka smushing the fruit up! Can add flavour and nutrients that the body can hold onto. Even if you only do this with one glass of fluids a day it could be a nice change.

I picked a move action for Thursday 29th June:

move it, move it – Whether it’s the humble Core 4 by Coloplast or walking round the block (or more intense if your fitness is already there) just adding a few minutes to your day is going to help your overall fitness.

Lastly a love action for Friday 30th June:

reach out to someone – Is there someone in your life who you miss but you haven’t heard from recently? We can all lead busy lives and keeping in touch can fall by the wayside, we can’t all expect people to get in touch with us first so maybe send a text, give them a call or pay them a visit. It will make you both feel cared for.

So that is the end of our June OstoMYlove micro action challenge; hopefully you enjoyed it and found it useful to just give yourself some time to do something for you. Myself and the Show Girls would love to hear from you and your thoughts on the challenge – did you have a favourite micro action? Or category? Would you like to see something like this in the future? Please don’t hesitate to comment or send us a message. To see what we did for previous weeks please click here for week oneweek two and week three.

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