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So this month we are doing everything stoma and bag roulette. No not handbag roulette much to my dismay I love a good handbag! Last week I talked about ordering the Coloplast SenSura Mio two piece (convex) this week we are trialling Louise’s ostomy bags which are the Pelican Platinum make. *naked stoma in post*

Thankfully these are convex which is what I need, poor Natalie doesn’t need convex but because these are so soft I think her stoma is safe at least! So I will talk day by day on how I found them and then the pros and cons *for ME* I just want to stress that this is all from our own personal opinions and we all have very different body and skin types which can greatly affect how each person finds a bag. The purpose of this challenge is to show people who maybe struggling that you aren’t alone and that it is okay to trial other bags to find something that works for YOU! There is a reason that there are so many other companies that provide bags in fact some make more than one type.

This is what the Pelican bags I was sent look like:









So here we go!

Day one – I decided to try on the larger bag out of the two samples I was sent. It didn’t want to stick with my barrier ring so that got peeled off. That may have affected the bags adhesive around the hole. As I was going out for the afternoon and I was super unsure about the petals (which the foam adhesive material of the base plate is so soft) I ended up putting 4 tape extenders on!! The base plate honestly felt like I wasn’t wearing anything because of how soft it was. I did have a minor leak but it hadn’t broken past the base plate but it explained why I felt so itchy. However it could have been from me removing the ring from the bag so I will keep an open mind.

Day two – I decided to try the mini bag, this one doesn’t have petals but a normal round base plate but still the soft material. I didn’t use the barrier ring this time just the barrier wipes. This time I felt like I had a better stick, which is always a good thing. I still used my tape extenders but this time it was more because of my post baby belly not being toned (not that it has ever been toned)

Day three – Back to the larger bag and I have decided to have no fear and wear the bag with no extenders! When I woke up the next morning the petals had started to lift up on one side, I managed to stick it down again but due to the excessive ballooning in the morning the velcro started to come off! I also suffered again a small leak.

Day four – Back to the small bag. The rash is there but only really faint and it isn’t itchy so I’m not fussed about that. Again a tiny leak but I do have high output so it could just be degrading the base plate quicker.

Day five – Back to the large bag and I cut it a smidgen smaller to see if it would prevent any leakage. I also went without the extenders on the petals again! Another small leak!

Day six – The small bag is back and no different to the large bag from yesterday.

So I felt like with day one I really needed to have a belt to push my stoma out and when I took off the Pelican bag my skin was not a fan of the adhesive! It wasn’t as bad when I changed from the small bag just a faint rash towards the outer edge.

So overall what did I think of the Pelican bag?

Pros –

  • the large bag is a good size especially for over night use
  • the base plate is a nice feeling material
  • the base plate awareness goes away quickly and makes you forget about the bag
  • the spout is easy to clean

Cons –

  • I need a belt as I felt I need a harder convexity (that is purely personal)
  • when I cut the hole the base plate seems compromised as if it was changing the shape of the base plate
  • I found I leaked with the larger bags but only ever so slightly
  • the petals can sometimes lift up a bit (luckily I was able to stick it back down)
  • when the bag fills with too much gas (IE overnight) the velcro bit can peel off

But on the whole the Pelican bag itself was absolutely fine and when my stoma stops shrinking and remains at a constant size it would probably not leak as much. For me I think it would be a good stand by bag if I was running low on my usual bags.

3 thoughts on “Ostomy Bag Roulette – Pelican Healthcare

    1. Hi there! I am pretty sure each brand has their own type of belt. I can say that for sure with Coloplast, Dansac and the Welland bags.

      With regards to your rash I have heard that chamomile lotion on your rash clears it up well BUT speak to your stoma nurse first in case it makes it worse. I found the La Vera cream worked well on my rash its aloe vera and lavender (my stoma nurses gave me some ) just don’t apply loads and let it “air” off before applying your bag just arm yourself with plenty of tissues and have some stuck in your waistband!

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