OstoMyFit Pilates My Gentle Exercise

So we all decided on pilates/yoga as it is a nice gentle form of exercise that helps tone your body without being strenuous or needing high levels of fitness to do.

Before I noticed a small lump in my c-section scar I was doing pre natal pilates and I found it quite gentle and relaxing. So I decided to use the same DVD this time round till I feel confident enough to try the normal positions. I think the pre natal positions are good for those worried about laying down on their tummies because of their stoma. I was like this until I laid on my front for about 5 minutes the other day after changing my appliance and had no issues, it felt revolutionary but still not something I want to do regularly, but at least I know I can.

As toning up is quite high on my (surprisingly short) list of things I would like to change regarding my body the pilates will slowly but effectively tone up the areas I am most unhappy with. Lets face it none of us are 100% happy with the way we look and society will keep us feeling that way if we let it. So again the mental health and the right attitude to exercise helps the way we view our bodies more positively for instance what we can achieve rather than how we look.

I say gentle the first one of the “10 minute solutions” I chose was the post natal one to flatten your stomach, and good lord it was planks and push ups!! Good lord I was not expecting that but I just about managed it without crying ha ha! So maybe I should have started with the antenatal ones first to ease back into it!

Ra-Ra quite enjoys doing these with me and I let her have my yoga matt out because if I didn’t and even though “we share it don’t we mummy” she would hit the roof if I used it when she was exercising too! But the beauty of yoga and pilates is that there are an abundance of free or cheap *proper* videos that allow you to do it at home, however I think that learning in a class the proper form would always be a good way to start. Oh and yes be careful of your bag and obviously wear correct support wear but don’t worry about doing downward dog and pumping loudly because with having a bag it won’t be you!

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