Ostomy Bag Roulette – Salts Healthcare

This week we are trialling Natalie’s bag which comes from Salts Healthcare. Now Natalie doesn’t use a convex bag and as my stoma is retracted I couldn’t risk wearing a flat bag so I literally went online and found the convex equivalent to her bag! I had to ring up Salts to get samples sent out but they were very helpful and friendly which is always a bonus! *naked stoma* in this post!

The bag is called Confidence Natural Soft Convex, I noticed the shape was different to every other bag I have tried – I kinda think it looks like an egg…well kinda okay maybe not at all! On the left we have the larger bag and the smaller on the right. Both sizes have the petals, still not sure about petals on a base plate however I guess they are designed so the appliance moves with your body contours.








Day one – the Salts smaller bag, within an hour or two I had some pancaking so I had to push the output down into the bag, clearly I need to drink more! The bag feels quite comfortable and I’m not overly aware of it which is great.

Day two – I changed to the larger bag and felt that the size was pretty good as I only emptied my bag once during the day and with high output that is pretty good! I was even wearing my Comfizz waistband. However after I emptied my bag around 9pm the filter leaked. I have never had a filter leak before so that was an interesting experience. So I changed to the small bag which is on the bottom of the photo collage and the larger is the top.

Day three – Like I said I swapped to the small bag after the filter had leaked and it lasted till 4am where I woke up absolutely covered in output. I was not impressed however I had had fizzy pop a few hours before bed so a mixture of gas and high output could be the reason behind that. It leaked from the bottom and I tend to find when I have larger leaks they burst at the sides. I was that tired I didn’t even follow my usual skin routine with my stoma, I just cleaned it and stuck a new bag on. So back to a larger bag.

Day four – Larger bag from day three had started to make my skin itch and when I took it off there is no wonder why! I’ve never had it where the adhesive essentially melts and wrinkles before! So small bag it is, I had a shower with this bag just after I changed it (because I’m a numpty and I was stripping the colour from my hair and needed to get in the shower) it held up really well and dried fairly quickly which I was impressed about. It lasted 9 hours before I felt the itch happen (I had cut the bag ever so slightly too big it honestly doesn’t take much!) So I changed it to the last larger bag I had (yep 3 bag changes today my skin is not my friend) it barely lasted 2 hours before I noticed a leak the pouch had tore away from the base plate slightly! I have never encountered this before.

Pros of the Salts bag –

  • soft base plate
  • the way the spout folds up isn’t scratchy
  • the material the bag is made from is soft
  • the front of the bag leading to the spout is opaque so you can’t see your output like other bags
  • dries fairly quickly after a shower
  • the petals withstand a shower without it affecting the adhesive

Cons of the Salts bag –

  • filter leaked – could be a one off though!
  • personally I’m not keen on the filter being to the right of the bag
  • the pouch separated from the base plate – again could be a one off

Overall I think the Salts bag is a really good bag it didn’t aggravate my skin or cause a rash until the last couple of days. However I also don’t usually change everyday usually once every three days or unless I have a bath or a shower. Other than having high output I don’t think it would have leaked. I definitely preferred the petals on this bag than the Pelican Platinum. If I had thicker output (I do eat mainly vegetables and should take more loperamide than I do!) then I think it would be a perfect fit for me. I genuinely think I must have got a dodgy large bag sample because all three of them had something wrong with them whereas the smaller bags it was more down to me than the bag.

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