Watering Your Own Grass…Self Love

So I was inspired to do this post because of my fellow loose lady of ostomy and IBD, friend and someone who does too much Rachel of Rocking2Stomas. She basically DOES TOO MUCH sometimes and needs to take at least 5 minutes of her day to focus on herself and show herself some love.

I can probably guarantee we are ALL guilty of this, I know I can be and have been at the brink of an emotional breakdown for a couple of weeks and no the pregnancy hormones definitely aren’t helping! But I remembered I used to use an app called YOU that was mentioned in the front of Jamie Oliver’s first super food cookbook.

self love

I found it helped me with mindfulness but as I became swamped with being sick, working, being a parent it got lost by the wayside. However 00Steve had bought me “The Book Of YOU” when it came out and I went through it and picked 30 different micro actions and tailored them to fit ostomies but increase self love.

There are four categories which are love, mind, move and food. I hope that everyone will participate for the month of June with the hashtag #ostoMYlove (here’s hoping we can all love ourselves a bit more and our stoma’s) Let me explain what micro actions are and how I have tried to make each ostomy related. The Book Of YOU describes a micro action as –

A micro action is small, simple and achievable in a normal day. For anyone. “Meditate for twenty minutes” isn’t a micro action but “sit quietly for two minutes” is. “Run a marathon” isn’t a micro action but “take the stairs” is. Simple, they make all the difference.

With the love actions it can be to help keep you socialised or give you some you time. Both after you have had surgery are very important, humans by nature are social creatures but we also need time to ourselves. Some people panic after surgery and spend too much time alone this is detrimental on many levels, whereas some people never spend time alone, which means they don’t always get a chance to meet the new them and appreciate the lives their stoma’s have given them. (This may take time so please don’t beat yourself up if you and your stoma are not friends yet)

The food actions may need a wee bit of thinking depending on what your diet allows so I have tried not to be too specific but I do believe as long as you try things in small amounts and chew really well you will have less of a problem. But please be mindful this doesn’t work for everyone, but your diet may vastly change with having stoma surgery but there are plenty of vegans with stoma’s and just preparing something differently could allow you to eat an elusive ingredient. I mention vegetables mainly because so many people seem to have an issue with a few different ones.

Let’s look at the move actions, basically if you lay around doing absolutely nothing you will never regain any fitness, but you also shouldn’t attempt too much in a short space of time. The science types say exercise increases feel good hormones into your bloodstream, surely this has got to be a good thing! So a little bit of movement will go a long way into helping you feel more like your old self but healthier self.

Lastly we come to the mind actions which can be anything to help regain our sense of self and boost confidence. Having any surgery can take time to come to terms with it and sometimes that can take a toll on your mental health. But then again taking on too many things at once can also make the smallest thing seem like a heavy burden.

Want to know how this is all going to work out? Well the idea is starting the 31st of May which is a Wednesday and myself and the other ladies in The IBD and Ostomy Support Show, will share the micro actions for the week in no particular order so you can have an idea of what you can do for the action. Don’t overthink it but ideally take a photo and use the hashtag #ostoMYlove  and share it on Instagram, Twitter or just post it on our show page on Facebook.

If you are suffering from depression or feel you might be no matter how mild in the meantime these tips and tricks maybe useful but you should still go see your doctor.

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    1. We don’t think she does enough!! Well for herself, you know what she is like Laurence!! Kick her up the bum if she doesn’t keep up with the actions mate ha ha x

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