Christmas With An Ostomy – Newbie Style


Well today is my first Christmas with a stoma and I went into today with some fear from reading different articles talking about the “Do’s and Don’t’s” of the festive period. I’m NOT going to do that but talk about what my day ended up being like because well I can lol.

Firstly I had a lovely evening on Friday with my favourite in laws having food, swapping some presents and playing games. Then on christmas eve we went bowling with one half of the favourites and their in laws/nephew. We had our youngest nephew and niece too, so the four kids had their first experience of bowling together which was cute. We went on the arcade games too and I won two stuffed BB8 toys on the grabber! After the niblings were dropped off with my brother we put out reindeer food, sorted a plate for santa and wrote a note. Ra-Ra bawled her eyes out because she couldn’t understand why I had to work Christmas.

I was on nights on Christmas eve and good grief my stoma was not playing nice it felt like it was blocking and unblocking I nearly passed out from the pain twice. It could be baby depending my position as I was in hospital Monday night because of extreme pain and no stoma output and that’s what we thought of then. I haven’t written about that because some outlying issues are hugely pissing me off and until I know how they play out I’m keeping schtum.

When I got home and after we watched Ra-Ra open her presents (which totally gets better as they get older) I popped upstairs to change my bag, good thing I did mind because it had decided to leak but hadn’t reached the baseplate. It was swollen to twice it’s usual size and was SO DAMN PAINFUL but I knew I had to soldier on.

Whilst Ra-Ra played with her new castle bed and 00Steve played Final Shiteasy I got on with cooking dinner. I thankfully prepped some stuff yesterday so I didn’t have too much to do. Every time I just got my head down to sleep my oven timer went off which wasn’t fun. BUT! Everything was ready on time for the first time in me cooking a roast history! Or as I chuckled to myself with calling it a piggy Christmas dinner, and proceeded to sing to myself “have yourself a piggy little Christmas“. Oh and stop press I actually won a cracker against 00Steve in our 6th Christmas together this has never happened!

My only rule for Christmas food for newbies is to try small amounts of new foods in the lead up to the big day. That way if something doesn’t sit well the day isn’t ruined by an unexpected blockage. I have to say I am pretty lucky when it comes to food, my stoma only hates onion which I can totally take or leave anyway. I had tried shredded sprouts in sweet potato tacos and survived on many occasion since surgery. I had cauliflower cheese, broccoli, carrot and swede mash, roast potatoes, maple roasted parsnips, purple brussels sprouts with bacon, pigs in blankets and homemade ham. So far nearly 2.5hrs into my nightshift and everything is in proper working order.

Check out how cool I look when poorly, shattered and pregnant! NOT! Rocking my socks too might I add clearly too cool for school. I got 00Steve to take four pictures and this is the one I looked the least gormless in! So Boxing day consists of Costa date with my partner in crime Louise, then visiting my nanna, a quick tidy up and making beef stew in the slow cooker and SLEEP GOOD LORD SLEEP!

I hope everyone had a nice festive day in the way you like to spend it and stomas of all kinds played nice! Oh and that you were all good enough this year to get what you wanted from Santa. Much love xx

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  1. “Final Shiteasy”, well said there! Merry (slightly belated) Christmas! Totally agree with trying small amounts of new foods before xmas; I’m so sorry to hear your problems with blockages and swollen stoma etc, it can make an already anxiety ridden time that much more difficult to get through. For being shattered, pregnant and unwell, you look fab in your photo lovely! Caz x

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