A Helping Hand – Jacobs Well Appeal And Food Banks

So today I realised I had an abundance of ileostomy bags I can no longer use due to my stoma changing size and shape. My stoma nurses gave me an address I can send them to, the Jacobs Well Appeal

Jacobs Well Appeal send any unopened/unused supplies to places like West Africa, Moldova and Romania which I think is a great idea. These countries don’t have the same level of care and it definitely isn’t free like ours. What is the point in excess supplies that we no longer need in being binned when they can then help other people, I honestly can say I wouldn’t want to be using make shift bags.

jacobs well appeal

I have boxed up all my bags that I can’t use anymore and I’m going to send them off and hopefully they can be used by someone that would otherwise go without, which is important to me as I said above.

Today I also bought some food and donated it to the local Neighbourhood Food Collection. I would hate to find myself in their position so I always try to help out where I can. Even if it is just the everyday value stuff it makes such a difference to someone else’s family that could otherwise go without. I remember my parents shopping where ever they could to get the best deals on food so we could have proper food and a hot meal (so many people don’t even get one hot meal a day) they often even went without – which I think any parent would do because you always put your children first or you are supposed to at least. I am thankful for my parents as we never were without clothes, food and a warm bed with a roof over our heads.

This was at Tesco I am unsure if other supermarkets are doing so (if you know of any others please comment below)

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