What about Having your Medication Delivered?

As you will know if you have an ostomy of any type that you get your supplies delivered to your door by your chosen company or the one your hospital set you up with. But did you know there are specific companies that will deliver them to your door and even some of the ostomy companies have this service? In this post I want to talk about the pros and cons of having your medication delivered to your home from my personal experiences.

A couple of years ago (it doesn’t feel that long ago but we are in another year now!) I decided to take up my ostomy delivery companies service to delivery my medication from their sister company. I thought that the idea behind it was great I could get my pain relief and loperamide sent to the house each month and that I didn’t need to go and sort out my prescription at the doctors surgery then go to the chemist. For a couple of months it was great I would sometimes get a phone call to check what I needed and other times I didn’t.

I then started noticing I was getting a back log of medication as I wasn’t using the full months allocation for instance I try to manage my high output through my diet rather than tablets and I wasn’t in pain EVERY day well I was but often not enough to warrant more than paracetamol or the odd codeine. I really don’t like the idea of having lots of pain medication in the house it is the first thing I think of when my mood hits lower than rock bottom but I to date have only thought about taking lots of tablets; in those instances are when I stay completely still, I won’t leave my chair even to go to bed. I am obviously forced to go to the toilet at some point and that is when I will go to bed. But I also don’t like over using the NHS I already have used more than my lifetime national insurance is worth and I am thankful for it. So why would I want to carry on stockpiling medication that does have a shelf life?

Also the main thing that irritated me beyond belief was when I went to the doctors to get I dunno a short course of antibiotics or heavy duty moisturiser (my feet hate life I swear) the prescription for these would be sent to the medication company rather than be given to me to take to the pharmacy so I could start the course there and then. I had to change the nomination back to my local pharmacy and even then it was at least 8 months to a year ago and I am still finding that they are going there instead of my pharmacy.

For instance I had ran out of amitriptyline and I had a faff on with that entirely separate to this and was without any for 6 weeks. I finally got it sorted at my surgery and for some reason my default had changed from the pharmacy to the delivery company and after 2 visits to the chemist and just over a week later I managed to get it sorted. The pharmacists rang the doctors, cancelled it with the delivery company and took the prescription over the phone (I’m sure it was probably faxed or emailed as well mind there are protocols in place for these things) and I finally received my medication.

So what are the pros and cons of signing up with a service that will deliver your medication?


  • if you are prescribed a lot of medication you get it all at once
  • if your mobility is poor it is one less thing to worry about
  • if you live away from your doctors/pharmacy this means it can be done via phone/fax
  • you know you won’t forget something if you suffer from brain fog


  • if you need short courses of medication it goes through them rather than the chemist and you have to ask your doctor to print it off separately
  • you may find you get a stockpile of tablets etc unless you take the full amount within each month
  • once you stop using them the computer may nominate them to be the main source of your prescriptions even if it has been changed – technology eh?

So whilst I didn’t find this service worked for me it may actually the perfect solution when it comes to ensuring you have your prescriptions as and when you need them. There are plenty to choose from and you could even have them delivered with your ostomy supplies which would mean you have one less thing to think about. If you use these services how do you find them?

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