Trio Ostomy Care: Travel Tips

This is the first booklet in what I can gather is going to work into a series from Trio Ostomy Care. I have already received their booklet on healthy eating which was also pretty interesting and had some ideas for recipes. It’s not just summer we all go on holiday, I know plenty of people jetting off for winter sun holidays (lucky sods) so this is worth getting.

It has some good tips in for those travelling abroad or at home. I do think it is worth getting for a read through to see if there is something you hadn’t thought of if you are going travelling. Especially for those of us ostomates (like me) that haven’t ventured abroad yet.

I found the information about travel insurance and travel “certificates” that explain your stoma in different languages quite helpful. Get yours here it is free!

My booklet came with some adhesive remover spray which I liked the design of the bottle none of the other brands have snazzy packaging. I also got barrier wipes which I love since I seem to be allergic to some brands of the barrier sprays and I also got some foam hand sanitiser which Ra-Ra has claimed for her own when she uses the potty. Not that I’m complaining since you can’t teach good hygiene too young in my opinion.

Overall I think Trio Ostomy Care have done a good job with these little booklet series and I also appreciate the free gifts that come along with it. They are a good way to showcase their range of products as you get to pick what items you would like to try for instance a tape extender or a barrier ring. You never know you may find something that suits you better than what you already use.

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