Bonnie Scotland

So we went for a weekend away in Edinburgh to stay with our friends who I fondly call The Puddleducks. Ra-Ra hadn’t ever left the country so I had organised awhile back to stay with them. Most people wouldn’t class a mini holiday in Scotland leaving the country but it is still a separate country here.

I on the whole enjoyed myself, Ra-Ra and 00Steve did as well to the point of exhaustion. We met up with some girls from Fit Girls Guide, I have to admit I was super excited to meet Sparkle Von Purplepants. (Yup I maybe using people’s nicknames but it gives them a little privacy)

We walked around Holyrood Park and climbed up some “mountains” as Ra-Ra called them. Which I was very proud of myself (I was in agony) and Ra-Ra because she did it by herself. Then we headed down towards the palace (the Queen’s residence in Scotland) before heading up to meet the girls and Mr Puddleduck for Pizza Hut.

Today we went to Edinburgh Zoo and met up with our friend Shellybean as well as the Puddleducks and Purplepants. The weather had been gorgeous all weekend. Ra-Ra told the pandas to “wake up” and absolutely adored the penguins.

Very glad to be home though, like anyone it’s always good to be in your own bed. Thank you Puddleducks for your amazing hospitality and friendship. I really do look forward to going back to Scotland again in the future especially as it not only is one of my favourite places to travel around but I know that I can travel that far and suffer a leak, yet still come out the other side smiling. If you have never been to Scotland you should definitely go as it truly is beautiful and steeped in history.

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