It’s the final countdown..

Do dudududduhhh – let’s face it you should have automatically started singing the song as you finished writing the title and I have never said I can sound out music in words!! It is that time again you are either hoisting that white flag as my Grandad would say or you are sad about your kids going back to school. I’m actually in between because yes Ra-Ra has been driving me nuts but I know Button will find it really sad that his best friend won’t be here for him to play with. So what did we do in the final full week of the summer holidays?

Walk in the woods

On Saturday I did something I have never done before…I took both kids for a 3 mile mini hike around the woods by MYSELF! This is massive for me because up until a couple of weeks ago I hadn’t taken them both anywhere without the pram unless I was meeting 00Steve at the other end. We picked blackberries and when we got home made chia jam with it.

Bouncy Castles

Sunday was definitely a day of rest for us as both 00Steve and I were feeling a bit off colour. So up went the bouncy castle and filled the pool up. Ra-Ra and I made some bread that we all had our lunch in. Whilst the kids had their tea and we felt better we painted some more of the tree house.

Bank holiday Monday BBQ

We actually had gorgeous weather for a bank holiday which in the UK is always impressive. Instead of going to the beach with 00Steve’s brothers (we know what the parking is like) we left the kids inside watching whatever they wanted on the TV and painted the picket fence in the front garden. Then I made gluten free quiche, salsa, potato salad and a salad ready for the in laws to come after the beach. We had a BBQ and toasted marshmallows over the fire pit because 00Steve is most definitely extra!

Pizza night

Tuesday signalled halfway through the final week and after tap – where she nailed on at least one occasion her solo and we have settled on a song for her modern; we made pizza from scratch. The kids had margarita and we had bolognese. They tasted amazing – the pizza dough recipe was from Homemade by Cheryl.

Hospital tee pee

Wednesday I was in a considerable amount of pain which was lucky as I was seeing the pain team that morning. There is a tee pee in one of our local hospitals that they have waned to go in for a long time. Today I let them and they loved it.

Pie making

On Thursday Ra-Ra helped me make a corned beef and potato pie for tea. She decided that we needed some baked beans in the pie too; this lead to a wetter mixture than I normally would have in this pie (I make pies quite often and adjust the pastry depending on the filling) However the pie was delicious both hot and cold!

Uniform shopping

Friday we decided to go to the shops and buy a few bits for her school uniform; in reality she still fits the majority of her stuff from last year. Now on Wednesday’s she has to go in leggings and a tshirt so I figured get her some more leggings that are separate to her tap/acro ones. Then we had McDonalds and watched the Dark Crystal.

What have you done on the last week of the summer holidays? Do you still have another week off depending where you are in the country? If you want a couple of ideas feel free to check out last weeks post!

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