Elf on the Shelf?

Do you join in with Elf on the Shelf? Or does the sheer idea fill you with dread or boredom? We do it in our house and it is really sweet watching Ra-Ra’s eyes light up when she has seen they have moved or Button’s face when he finally spots the cheeky pair.

We have two elves one we brought with the book and if I’m honest a huge waste of money, the hands are stitched together and it just feels like it is made out of cardboard. The book itself isn’t too bad but the whole thing is definitely not worth the £25 I paid. Now our second one cost about £3 from a discount store and has velcro on the hands and is actually really well made. We picked up a swing as well which has proven to be quite useful!

There are a lot of thoughts around what you do with the elves and I don’t think any of them are wrong as it is all about what works for you and your family:

  • if your child is naughty the elves are naughty and if they are good the elf is good – this is my least favourite idea but whatever works!
  • you just move the elf around the house – this is actually what we mainly do as it is SO much easier and our kids are easily pleased
  • playing pranks on both yourself and the kids
  • using the kids toys to do something amusing – again this is something we use often

We have used stuff lying around the house as well as fruit; for instance one day we got an orange stuck the bendy parts of two straws in and had them drinking the orange, she quite enjoyed that. Sometimes we have to move the elves in the morning because we have forgotten but hey ho!

What sort of ideas or shenanigans do your elves do? Or are you as far away from those pesky elves as you can be?

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