Festive Three

Eleventh day of blogmas is upon us! I thought I would talk about what we are doing for the festive three – I only have Christmas day off as I stupidly said I would work Boxing Day so once 00Steve has done the Boxing Day dip into the North Sea which is cold enough even in the summer let alone in the middle of winter!

So Christmas Eve I am on a late shift and the same on Boxing Day so the only day of the festive season I have off which is a new thing for me to be away from them during the day as in my last job I worked nights which meant other than a couple of hours sleep I had the whole day with them.

Christmas Day will be spent at one of my (many) brother in laws and although it will be nice to spend time with my in laws I do still struggle with being surrounded by lots of people even though I like each and everyone of them; the idea fills me somewhat with dread. How much of an idiot will I be? Will I say something that is misconstrued?

In the morning when we wake up we will open our presents and have breakfast – growing up in my family we would have a full english breakfast but in 00Steve’s family it would be jam and croissants so to sit in the middle I will be having cheese and ham croissants. I probably will try and sneak on some Christmas music whilst we open the presents too!

We will head to my brother in laws around one-ish as dinner is at 2 and I have no idea what will be served but I am sure it will be lovely. It is nice having someone else do the cooking not that that will stop me doing my own Christmas dinner. We will be having a slow cooked ham that 00Steve gets in a hamper from work; I slow cook it then roast it off. We have it with pigs in blankets that I make out of more bits from the hamper. Cauliflower cheese, carrot and potato mash, roasties, yorkshire puddings and honey roasted parsnips. Pretty much all of that my digestive system hates but it isn’t an everyday thing so why can’t I indulge in the festive season.

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