Christmas Parties

I am not the biggest lover of socialising at Christmas and to be fair not really in general this year. However since Ra-Ra started school I have actually made some friends in the village that don’t just want to go to the pub all the time. Don’t get me wrong we have still had the odd night that revolves around alcohol but it has mainly coffee mornings. We have had a pottery painting night, gin and cheese night and we also had a mum’s Christmas party.

One of our lovely mum’s Jo owns the micro pub in the village called The Tannery and it really is micro but has lots of character and I really like it in there. Since we have a landlady amongst us it made perfect sense to have the party there. On the door it had a handwritten notice saying “Private Function This Evening”, which always makes you feel a bit special.

We all brought nibbles along (mine ended up being shit but I know where I can improve) and had an abundance to choose from. I wasn’t drinking so whenever I ordered a lemonade I asked for it in a gin glass with fruit; this tricked my brain into thinking I was having gin but really I wasn’t!

We have a wonderful set of mum’s and like in any group some you make friends with quicker than others and I definitely have my little group that I can be myself around (something I worry about) go for coffee or just have play dates. Not to make others feel less but the ones I have got to know and I want to say a special thank you to for being such good friends and making me feel welcome are Lucie, Lorna, Jill, Ali, Anna, Jo, Lauren, Caroline and Katherine. I would be too scared to say it to your faces! Some of the mum’s I haven’t had much to do with yet and others I am just getting to know and look forward to being able to say they are friends. Yes I am a loser and no I really don’t care.

But back to my sober Christmas party! I hadn’t eaten anything bar half a sausage sandwich that Lucie offered me at breakfast due to time just escaping me. I made morrocan hummus but ran out of tahini which really makes a damn difference! As well as tomato and basil lentil tortilla chips which tasted nice but didn’t crisp up as I was worried about them burning, oh and some chocolate dipped orange segments. Could have been loads better but could have been worse too!

It was so loud in the pub being such a small space and filled with 30ish loud ladies my voice hurt trying to talk loud  enough for people to hear me but that was the only downside. We all had a lovely time and I can gauge that from the whatsapp messages! We were then blessed by the hottest margherita pizza ever, it was like molten lava cheese and steam was literally escaping with every mouthful.

It has been a long time where I have felt comfortable enough not to be tempted to drink when I’m out so I don’t often go out any more. So to have a booze free night with these lot really made an impact on me! Have you had a Christmas party yet? Do you enjoy these sorts of events or not?

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