Our Story of Santa

On the tenth day of blogmas I want to share with you what we have said to our kids about Santa. We have deviated slightly from the standard story; read on to find out what we have told them.

This mainly stems from 00Steve wanting his share of the kudos for buying gifts but also it feeds into the fact Santa shouldn’t be the sole provider for all presents because not everyone can afford to get ipads or whatever and snata might get one kids socks.

So let’s get started with what we have told Ra-Ra and Button about the jolly fat man in red! So we haven’t fully changed it because that way it shouldn’t upset any other kids she may talk about it with. The elves still make all they toys in the North Pole and then the toys go to shops  for mummy’s and daddy’s to buy. The elves we have come stay with us for December keep tabs on their behaviours and then the presents go up to the North Pole (our house is pretty small so we can’t really hide them) and Santa then delivers the presents if they are good enough! Also Santa only brings the presents from us as we can’t always see our families beforehand to collect presents.

I think this way it keeps the magic alive without upsetting others or making Santa out to be the be all and end all when it comes to present giving. Let’s face it some people go way overboard with presents and other people can maybe afford one or two presents; we try to not go silly not that our bank balance would allow for that anyway but our families buy a fair amount as well.

When our kids get to the stage the magic is waning we decided to follow in Tim Minchin’s footsteps and explain Santa is very much real but in an imaginary world. Let’s face it there is no lies there and it will help keep our kids from spoiling it for the other kids in our families. I think we are expected to grow up far too quickly nowadays and I want to keep the magic in their hearts alive for as long as possible.

How have you told the legend of Santa? Did you miss the ninth day of blogmas? If so please click here.

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