Why I Feel Lucky to Blog

So for today’s blogtober post I thought I would talk about why I feel lucky to blog since I have spoken about why I started my blog. Some people really do think bloggers have an easy ride and that all they do is expect stuff for free. This isn’t the case at all for many bloggers. I have asked for items to review but often these are items I genuinely want to try and aren’t overly expensive either. But receiving the odd item here and there isn’t what makes me feel lucky to blog at all…

I obviously started this as a diary for my surgery which is why all the posts have a more conversational tone to them than other blogs may have and both work great, my tone has in my opinion allowed people to get to know me, this is how I talk, this is my truth and I really am thankful for each of you who come back time and time again – I am also thankful for those who come and read certain things that fit their needs and may never come back too.

For me my blog has allowed me to meet some incredible people online and in person. Some of which have become my support network and like family.

It has given me the courage to ask for help from others and helping people access help so with that I helped set up The Hambleton and Richmondshire Ostomy Support Group for those future and current ostomates and their families to have a social aspect which in turn has helped me. Also being a part of The IBD and Ostomy Support Show has taught me so much more than I would have ever expected.

I have been able to attend ostomy related events from charity balls/meals to being a model to being an advocate at ASCN. All of which I have blogged about in my events category.

The main reason I feel lucky to blog is actually the fact I can get my feelings out on the page when sometimes I struggle to verbalise things I am going through. That was the reason I started and the reason I will carry on; so this blog is mainly for myself with cathartic reasons but if I can help someone along the way that is truly the main thing.

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