I thought it might be a good idea to create a list of the companies I use and think other people would find beneficial. But I won’t just plonk any product in here no sir! If I believe in it and use it myself then that is why it is in this list, also find my affiliate disclosure is at the bottom.

Comfizz – I genuinely love their varied range of support wear products and writing reviews on them is how I became to run their blog. I love how caring and genuine the staff are at this family run business and have great customer service.

Jasmine Stacey Collection – If you are looking for something sexy and lacy then head on over to buy the boutique underwear sets and one pieces that are designed by Jasmine herself with ostomies in mind.

Stoma Style – I think Lisa’s bag covers and accessories are really good quality and has a varied choice and styles, she is always open to custom designs too. She makes sure the customer is informed at each stage of production and delivery.

Purple Wings Charity – I think this very amazing charity needs more publicity so Lauren can carry on providing “Time For Me” grants to those with all types of ostomies. Help Lauren spread a little more happiness around.

Better Help – An online library of information on mental health with the option of therapists you can talk to online.

Peak Medical LTD – The appliance and 2 varieties of wedges I use come from Peak Medical.